The Complete Ruby Programmer Course

13 Hours
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247 Lessons (13h)

  • Introduction
    Introduction to Programming1:55
    The Role of Programming In the Modern World1:38
    Importance of Programming Skills for All Professionals2:03
    Preview of Final Student Enrollment App2:11
    Web Scraping Automation Project Preview1:17
    Data Engineering Project Preview1:12
    Programming Intro Recap
    Installation of Ruby on MacOS6:37
    Installation of Ruby on Windows1:09
    Installation of Ruby on Linux1:26
    Troubleshooting and Looking for Answers Online5:30
    Introduction to Code Editors2:27
    Installing Atom1:44
    Review of Concepts and Setup
  • Programming in Ruby
    Introduction to the Terminal1:34
    Introduction to the Terminal Quiz
    Getting Around in the Terminal1:35
    Getting Around in the Terminal Quiz
    Creating and Changing Directories1:59
    Creating and Changing Directories Quiz
    Creating and Editing Files from the Command Line2:42
    Terminal Review
    Where to Find the Code
    The First Ruby File - "Hello World"1:27
    Hello World Quiz
    Running Ruby Files from the Command Line1:18
    Running Ruby Files Quiz
    Printing Output Quiz
    Printing Output - puts/print/p3:30
    Code Commenting3:35
    Code Commenting Quiz
    Introduction to IRB2:37
    Atom and Terminal Setup5:58
    Basics Review
    Codealong Exercise - Name and Food2:02
    Assignment - Print Your Own Age3:45
  • Strings and Numbers
    Introduction to Variables and Why We Use Them2:27
    Variables Quiz 1
    Variables - Changing Values4:03
    Variables Quiz 2
    Variables - Changing Values Continued3:44
    Variables Quiz 3
    Getting Input from the Terminal3:57
    Input from Terminal Quiz
    Introduction to Strings3:27
    Strings Quiz 1
    String Interpolation2:55
    Strings Quiz 2
    Changing a String4:17
    Strings Quiz 3
    String Concatenation4:15
    Strings Quiz 4
    Manipulating Strings6:28
    Strings Quiz 5
    Introduction to Comparisons5:31
    Comparisons Quiz 1
    Logic Comparisons5:52
    Comparisons Quiz 2
    Numeric Comparisons3:19
    Comparisons Quiz 3
    Introduction to Branching Logic - If4:29
    Logic Quiz 1
    Branching Logic - Else4:57
    Logic Quiz 2
    Branching Logic - Elsif3:52
    Logic Quiz 3
    Branching Logic - Case4:30
    Logic Quiz 4
    Finding Text in a String6:02
    Finding Text Quiz 1
    Finding Text - Index7:20
    Variables and Strings Review
    Introduction to Numbers - Integers and Floats2:32
    Numbers Quiz 1
    Numeric Operations -Integers2:37
    Numbers Quiz 2
    Numeric Operations - Floats3:04
    Numbers Quiz 3
    Castings Strings to Integers3:32
    Casting Quiz 1
    Casting Strings to Floats4:22
    Casting Quiz 2
    Getting Numbers from Input3:26
    Getting Numbers Quiz
    Random Numbers5:59
    Random Numbers Quiz
    Combining Numbers with Strings8:11
    Numbers Review
    Codealong Exercise - Introduction1:00
    Codealong Exercise - Guess the Number Game13:46
    Assignment - Build a User Input Validator1:30
  • Methods and Data Structures
    Changing the Terminal Prompt3:48
    Introduction to Methods4:54
    Methods Quiz
    Method Arguments2:49
    Optional Arguments and Default Values3:32
    Methods Quiz 2
    The Different Styles of If5:02
    Method Returns5:49
    Method Returns Quiz
    Calling One Method from Another5:05
    Method Review
    Introduction to the Concept of Data Structures3:03
    Introduction to Arrays4:45
    Arrays Quiz
    Array Creation6:24
    Array Manipulation3:33
    Arrays Quiz 2
    Arrays - Push & Pop2:59
    Retrieving Data from Arrays3:22
    Retrieving Data from Arrays - Continued5:43
    Arrays Review
    Introduction to Hashes1:48
    Keys, Values8:56
    Hashes Quiz 1
    Retrieving Data from Hashes1:52
    Hashes Quiz 2
    Retrieving Data from Hashes - Continued4:12
    Hash Manipulation5:17
    Hashes Review
    Introduction to Loops2:46
    While Loops2:59
    While Loops with User Input3:05
    While Loops Quiz
    Breaking Out of Loops3:14
    Codealong Exercise - Introduction7:33
    Codealong Exercise - Contacts Directory0:49
    Assignment - Build a Credentials Collection1:08
    Optional - Introduction to Algorithms and Sorting1:02
    Demo of Bubble Sort and complexity analysis5:39
    Optional - Implementing an Array Sort15:00
  • Deep Dive into Iteration and Blocks
    Loops - Using Next4:17
    Until Loops2:31
    Loops as Modifiers2:02
    For Loops3:20
    Loops Review
    Introduction to Iteration3:53
    Introduction to Blocks5:49
    Iterating Over a Range4:04
    Iterating Using Steps2:01
    Ruby Enumerable1:56
    Enumerators in Ruby4:48
    Hash Iteration2:42
    Operations Inside Iteration5:38
    Arrays - Map, Select, and Reject9:19
    Hashes - Map, Select, and Reject4:01
    Introduction to Recursion10:11
    Iteration and Enumeration Review
    Codealong Exercise - Introduction0:46
    Codealong Exercice - Filters on Product Catalog13:07
    Assignment - Find Students by Name or Age0:48
  • Working with Files
    Files in Ruby2:27
    Opening a File2:00
    File Modes3:40
    Reading the Contents of a File1:46
    Reading a File Line by Line3:37
    Closing Files2:17
    Writing to an Existing File3:43
    Writing to a New File1:52
    File Basics Review
    Writing User Input to Files3:13
    Introduction to CSV Files2:30
    Working with CSV Files10:34
    Check If a File Exists4:19
    Working with Directories6:15
    Opening Other Ruby Files3:39
    Require Local Ruby Files4:27
    File Operations Review
    Codealong Exercise - Introduction1:00
    Codealong Exercise - Collecting Todo Notes4:32
    Assignment - Write Student Information to CSV0:49
  • Object Oriented Programming
    Introduction to Classes8:31
    Introduction to Objects3:08
    Instantiating Objects7:28
    Displaying Objects3:32
    Comparing Objects6:57
    Duck-Typing in Ruby5:06
    Methods on Objects6:17
    Overriding Methods8:08
    Object Basics Review
    Attributes - Getting and Setting8:13
    Class Methods6:17
    Requiring Modules6:13
    Composition vs Inheritance15:05
    Advanced Objects Review
    Codealong Exercise - Introduction0:41
    Codealong Exercise - Calculate Area of Different Shapes8:33
    Assignment - Create a Student Object1:07
    Optional - Introduction to Binrary Trees6:07
    Optional - Implementing a Binary Tree23:23
  • Object Mapping
    Model Classes2:35
    Domain Modeling3:02
    Validator Methods3:50
    Converting an Object to CSV3:04
    Object Mapping Review
    Writing Objects to File4:12
    Generating Unique IDs and Filenames5:42
    Reading Objects from File9:29
    Updating Objects in File10:28
    Deleting Objects in Files5:09
    Validations and Review6:31
    CRUD Review
    Codealong Exercise - Intro1:01
    Codealong Exercise - Corporate Directory in CSV11:07
    Assignment - Use Student Object to Write to File0:51
  • Web Scraping Automation with Ruby
    Using Programming for Daily Life Tasks0:53
    Problem Description - Car Shopping1:10
    Solution Preview1:04
    Program Setup1:32
    Resources for This Section
    Introduction to Gems5:21
    Getting the Content from the Website2:48
    Parsing Response HTML5:00
    Using the CSS Selector5:03
    Gems Review
    Pretty Printing Ruby Objects4:07
    Extracting Data5:24
    Extracting Data - Continued5:15
    Saving to JSON File8:34
    JSON Formatting4:43
    Converting Price to a Number4:57
    Filtering Data4:59
    Data Extraction and Filtering Review
    Optional - Using Bundler5:35
    Optional - Deep Dive into Ruby Gems7:24
  • Data Engineering with Ruby
    Data Engineering Solution Preview0:51
    Working With Access Logs3:23
    Reading the Log File3:19
    Parsing the Log File5:15
    Extracting User Data3:21
    Determining Browsers5:29
    Access Logs Review
    Extracting Email10:18
    Cross Referencing Users2:54
    Cross Referencing Users Continued5:43
    Users Data Structure8:01
    File Name Patterns7:44
    Data Engineering Review
  • Final Project
    Final Project Overview3:18
    Final Project Requirements
    Thank You!!!0:37
  • Appendix

Go From Ruby Beginner to Building Your Own Applications From Scratch

Mashrur Hossain


Mashrur Hossain has been a technology professional for over a decade and holds degrees in both Computer Science and Economics. He has worked with Enterprise Software Systems throughout his career with roles in analysis, development, and management. He is very passionate about web application development and believes Ruby on Rails has proven to be a very strong force in this field. Join him for his comprehensive Ruby on Rails Developer courses as he guides you through the world of web application development using Rails.


Ruby is the language behind Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular and in-demand web development frameworks. It's extremely powerful but also relatively easy to learn, making it an ideal place to start your web development journey. In this course, you'll learn Ruby, and programming in general, in a practical manner. By the end, you will be able to write complete programs that can take input from users, build interactive menus, and interact with formatted data files among many other skills.

  • Access 247 lectures & 13+ hours of content 24/7
  • Installing Ruby on Mac, Windows & Linux systems
  • Learn command line & Ruby basics
  • Discuss compound data structures, algorithms, & implementation
  • Explore object-oriented programming concepts
  • Understand debugging & error handling
  • Discover how to automate daily tasks


Important Details

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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