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Make all your prototyping dreams a reality with 1Sheeld Arduino shield. It acts as an insane number of Arduino shields--40--just from communicating with your Android via Bluetooth. Tap into your smartphone’s sensors to add new dimensions to your prototypes and experiments that just aren’t usually possible. You can utilize sensors like the magnetometer, GPS, and light—and communication modules like email and text to take your Arduino projects to new heights without purchasing extra hardware.
  • Supply your Arduino w/ access to an array of smartphone sensors
  • Replace all your Arduino shields w/ an Android device
  • Log in to the app that to choose between shields
  • Develop complex ad apps w/ 1 line of code
  • Program to send tweets, text message & more
  • Set it up quickly & easily w/ solid solder joints and the 1Sheeld app
  • Utilize 10 basic I/O operations like buzzer, keyboard & microphone
  • Tap into special shields like voice recognition, speech synthesis, notifications, camera & data logger
  • Keep tabs on its ongoings w/ 3 micro LEDS that indicate send, receive & Bluetooth status

Details & Requirements

  • Uses standard HC-06 Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth2.1)
  • Runs on an Amtel ATMega162
  • Communicates w/ Arduino using UART
  • Range: up to 30’
  • Operating frequency: 7.37 MHz
  • Communication baud rate: 115200 b/s
  • 1Sheeld Arduino Shield
  • 1Sheeld software platform & app


  • Android


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